Last Drop Juice is a juice manufacturing company located in Orlando, Soweto.


We manufacture high quality juice blend for sale to the public. We offer free fruit juice tasting at our factory shop. We cater for canteens, restaurants & pubs, churches, households and more.


  • Company History


Last Drop Juice started in 2012 as a small manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-drink juices, born from the dreams of two energetic entrepreneurs who identified a gap in the market. Since its inception the focus of the company has been on quality first and foremost.  To remain competitive, the business had to excel in service and value-for-money product offerings.


  • Vision statement


To refresh the consumer’s palate; to inspire optimism and happiness around every consumption moment and give our clients the experience of fruit.


  • Mission statement


Last Drop Juice strives to maximise market share by being the best-cost supplier of high quality juice blends in the market. We will fiercely build and protect our name in the highly competitive juice business by being uncompromising on quality and service.


  • What we do


Last Drop Juice carefully select and procure raw materials of the required quality and quantity. These are then blended according to our proprietary recipes to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  The concentrates are reconstituted to yield high quality products aligned with consumer needs




  • Concentrated
  • Ready-to-drink juice blends – 100% Juices (Fruit Pulp Based Juice)
  • 300ml, 500ml, 1.5 and 5 litres




  • Manufacturing, blending & packing, distribution and selling/promoting of products